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Spring Colors: Bold Trend Continues




Each year, Pantone, the company that defines color — reports on design color trends. Drawing on fashion prototypes and the latest graphic design, Pantone tends to spot some of the tones and shades that will be “in” for the next few years.

This year, the palette is again bold, bright, saturated, and organic. The palette dares you to risk unusual, striking color combinations. Pantone bestowed artisan-sounding names to the colors in the selection — (ordinary colors rate only a Pantone number) — names that evoke smells, scenes, memories. Cherry tomatos, warm sand, blooming dahlias, lime punch; lazy summer backyards transported indoors. Look for interior decorators and designers to create stunning framed decor this year.

Thanks to our vast stock of frames, mats and liners, you can match and complement artwork with precision, match school colors for diplomas, team colors for sports or other competitions, almost any colors — whether from a sample material, or an official Pantone swatch color.

See the Pantone’s full report here.